Travel inspires me to write.

My name is Lorraine Evelyn (Urban) Baushke and my pen name is Raine Baushke. I live and write in Bowling Green, Kentucky. My childhood (after age seven) was spent in the tiny  town of Fountain, MI where my parents still live; after marrying the neighbor's grandson, I lived in various places in Michigan for twenty-five years before moving to Kentucky in 2000. I started my career co-owning a flower shop in Ludington, MI with my mother--twenty years of good memories. After moving to Kentucky and attaining an MPA, I taught American Government at the junior college level. Writing is my third career.

Lorraine Baushke, writer​  

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It starts with an idea.

Many of us want to write a book and I was one. In 2013, I made a New Year Resolution to write a novel. I finished Missing in Montmartre (working title) in nine months, but it took three years of revisions and editing to polish the final product. It still needed work . . .

The idea came from a contest on a writing web site. The challenge was to write the first sentence of a short story based on the photo of a woman under water in a ball gown. (I ultimately purchased the photo rights for my first cover). That sentence is long gone, but a novel materialized.

My protagonist, Andre Gensonne found me. I don't know where he had hidden, but he exists now. That first line eventually became Mystery in Montmartre. It was a journey that required a massive commitment, however, it was worth the effort. I hope you think so, too.

Scenes in Montmartre