​​​                           Lorraine Baushke, writer​  

My name is Lorraine Evelyn (Urban) Baushke and I write under the pen name Raine Baushke. I live write in Bowling Green, Kentucky. My childhood (after age seven) was spent in the tiny  town of Fountain, MI where my parents still live; after marrying the neighbors' grandson,we lived in various places in         Michigan before moving to Kentucky in 2000. I               started my career co-owning a flower shop in               Ludington, MI with my mother--twenty years of             good memories. After moving to Kentucky and attaining an MPA, I taught American Government at the junior college level. Writing is my third career.

Travel Inspires Me

Scenes from Mystery in Montmartre

But alas, we renovated our kitchen and erased our travel budget

We love good food and cooking so it was worth every penny

We moved into our six-year-old house in 2000, so after eighteen years of heavy-duty cooking and entertaining, my kitchen was worn out. The question was should we put replace the appliances, counter tops and hardware, or buy new cabinets? Our kitchen was the last room to be updated. Last time we gutted a kitchen, we moved to Bowling Green four years later. Would that happen again? New cabinets, meant new wiring, replacing drywall, etc. etc. etc. It took all summer.

If you've read my books, there is a lot of description of food and wine within the pages. but hey, it's France. The French love their fine cooking. It is said, as soon as one meal is over, they start thinking about the next. I can relate to that. My brain is creative when it comes to food. Bon appetite!