Moving to a different drummer or going against conventional advice in navigating Promotion 101?

I created this form to answer questions from my readers. This delivers to my personal email account (Note there is no e in Rain. My son set up this account in 1999 and I don't want to change it). If you use this form, I will know it is not spam.

I don't like receiving daily emails from every company from whom I've purchased. In January 2019, I've unsubscribed from emails for purchases from Christmas 2015. Despite what professionals say about creating email accounts to reach readers, I've never bought a book through an email.

If you choose to check "receive email updates" on this form, I will not send an email unless I publish a book. I have five people on my email list for this site, one is me and one is my husband.

​​​                           Lorraine Baushke, writer​  

Would you like a recipe? Travel advice? A question about one of the characters in my books? Questions to discuss for your book club? In the planning stages will be a  SKYPE appearances for book clubs  but I first need to publish Angels and Thieves. This is the place to contact me.