My New Year Resolution is Promotion

I'd rather sit in my little corner and write . . . 

As my writing journey continues into 2019, I reflect on everything that has happened since I made a 2013 New Year Resolution to write that first novel  I knew was inside. What came out was unexpected. I don't know where my cast of characters came from but they showed up ready to work. I knew it was a trilogy before I wrote the first book: My third novel, Angels and Thieves will debut in the month of May, springtime in Kentucky. What a journey  it has been. 

A pleasant surprise was 2999 visits to this web page in 2018. I would have guessed ten. I'm hoping to grow the 228 page likes on my Raine Baushke, Author Page on FB.  Most of my sales and support has come from family and friends but I am ready to branch out. Stayed tuned . . . 

Book One

​​​                           Lorraine Baushke, writer​  

Book Two

​And Then There Were Three . . . 

​Book Three 

Angels and Thieves is ready for public viewing. I finished writing this book nearly two years ago, but many things happened, including a dear friend's death. After eighteen months of developmental editing, rewriting, and proofreading, it is ready to release. In my tangled mind, this book series has  always been a trilogy.

Mystery in Montmartre begins the series, and the featured art mystery revolves around Elisée Maclet, the painter of Montmartre. Sixty Mortal Sins continues the saga, and centers around a missing Caravaggio, last seen in France three hundred years ago. Angels and Thieves is all about angels and Raphael, the painter of Madonnas.