Angels and Thieves

Angels and Thieves is the title of the third book in the André Gensonne Series. Raphael is the painter. . . The book is written,  polished like a gemstone and ready for the world.

​​​                           Lorraine Baushke, writer​  


Works in Progress

An Irish Memoir

I wrote 30,000 words of this book after a trip to Ireland in 2017. I do have a cool title, but don't want to reveal it yet.

It details mystical magical moments I experienced when I was among the Irish people mostly without my traveling partner.

Stay tuned . . . but this one is probably a third on the list. So many ideas . . . So little time.

Holy Schmoly: It's a Fountain Moment

I wrote 40,000 words of this book during NaNoWriMo 2018 (National Novel Writing Month). It takes place in November.

This is a story of small-town America, and memorable moments in the life of a kid growing up in a family of five, when everyone seemed to have five, six or seven kids. Almost no one seemed to have more money than anyone else. It was a good way to grow up.  

And Finally . . . 

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